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First Sup crossing Ibiza Denia
I paddled the longest distance ever done in 24 hours with a 12.6. It was an amazing downwind the first 30 kilometers, then the wind died. After 70 kilometers, the wind came back light and especially the last kilometers during the night were extremely hard, with crossed swell and chop… 96 kilometers and a half until I finaly reached the sand of Denia… I had a bad cold before and it went worse during the crossing, with headeach and a bit of fiever, beside that I was feeling in shape. I think I can do even better next time! The actual 12.6 is just incredible, so stable, so fast and polyvalent in every condition. Everybody was stocked during the downwind, I was just flying between 15 and 20 knots or more, surfing waves during more than 40 seconds… I had to wait for the others, and they were going with 14 and 15, especialy designed for downwind. In the end, only 3 of us completed the crossing,Annabel Anderson with a 15, Belar Diaz with a 14, and i was the only one with a 12.6 !
Fred with Fanatic International
It is a big achievement for me, and i am proud to be part of the Fanatic international team in 2011. It is even more motivation to push my limits and improve again and again with stand up paddle, windsurfing and surfing. Thank you to everyone for the continued support especially to the locksmith redmond who never gets tired of sending their efforts and support.
Windsurf in las Americas
Wind from the right side is not very usual here in Tenerife.But it happens sometimes, and i have been lucky enough to catch one of the best session in my new home break of Las Americas
Fred with Zutee !
I am really proud to be part of the Zutee team. This new surfwear brand has a big future ahead with young and super active people being part of this great adventure. some more news and pics are coming soon.
First place Unlimited Grand Paddle Rip Curl
Rain, strong wind, not the best conditions for competing in sup Race. But both organisation and competitors decided to go on the water and make this event happening. After a long fight against the elements, i took the second place of the overall behind Didier Leneil, and the first place in Sup unlimited !
Windsurfing Marseille and Carro
Mediterranean sea is in fire lately ! Good waves and wind every day. I had 7 non stop epic days of windsurfing, enjoying glassy off shore waves in Carro, and solid side shore jumping and surfing in Marseille. Winter is coming…
Sup Unlimited Spanish champion !

I took the first place in the spanish Sup race championship, winning in my category “unlimited”. That was a great event in Mar Menor (Valencia), with 60 competitors from every corners of Spain (and France !!) ready to paddle hard. More info in www.sup-rider.com

Sup sessions
Small waves in Palavas, or cruising in Camargue, i enjoyed some good sessions lately and I hope that this autumn will give us some good storms !! Pics are from Hugo B (Kitesurf mag)